Stainless Steel Pools

Architects / Designers & Builders

satisfaction built on tradition and experience

Satisfaction built on tradition and experience.

  • More than 6,500 stainless steel swimming pools installed - Indoor & Outdoor
  • Over 1,000,000m2 of water surface covered in total
  • Several pools with more than 4,000m2 of water surface each
  • Swimming pools for public, leisure, hotel, residential and domestic
Berndorf Baederbau and Pace Pools UK -- YOUR POWERFUL PARTNER

Berndorf Baederbau and PACE -- YOUR POWERFUL PARTNER

  • Full scope of services
  • European market leader in stainless steel pools
  • Shortest lead times in the industry
  • Absolute - Sealed Tank - FOREVER
  • Clearly defined interfaces with other trades
  • Clear and transparent responsibilities
  • Process driven project managemnt
Advantages of Berndorf Stainless Steel Pools

Advantages of Berndorf Stainless Steel Pools

  • Perfect material for contemporary architecthure
  • Longest lifetime without loss of quality - Over 50 Years
  • High material elasticity
  • Ecological Sustainable
  • Best hygiene conditions
  • No additives and less chemicals necessary
  • Smooth surface - no joints
  • Recyclable and easy to repair
  • Meets all safety standards
Best Long Term Value for Money

Best Long Term Value for Money

  • Substantially shorter construction time -- More than 8 weeks faster than a standard tiled pool
  • Considerable service time savings -2 to 3 days (Berndorf Pool) vs 1 to 2 weeks (Concrete Pool)
  • Extremely low maintenance with minimill service costs
  • Significantly less structural weight
  • Self supporting pool structure
  • Break even within 3 - 7 years !