Stainless Steel Pools

Berndorf Baederbau have been designing and manufacturing swimming pools since the 1960's and have since been the market leaders in the production of such.

In the early years, swimming pools were built from either concrete or from aluminium however in the early 1970's developments in the product led to industrial production of stainless steel swimming pools.

In the course of the years, over 6000 swimming pools of all different shapes, sizes and forms were built throughout Europe.

Stainless steel swimming pools have proved excellent due to their flexible scope for design, distinguished technical and optical characteristics. As such, our stainless steel swimming pools are the core of adventure swimming pools and recreational facilities as well as spa landscapes of hotels and private properties and residences.

PACE became the sole and exclusive agents for Berndorf Baederbau for the United Kingdom back in 2016 and having worked with other divisions of Berndorf for many years previous in other engineering capacities, they have now become the leading authority in the design, production and installation of Stainless Steel Swimming Pools across the globe.

PACE are now able to offer nationwide sales, service and support for all requirements within any market sector with full accreditation of Berndorf Baederbau.

A strong dedicated team of professionals with an ambitious view of the future. Driven to give 110% every day delivering excellent results.

Our Philosophy

In a time of performance and deadline pressure, we create space and room for quality of life.

With our stainless steel swimming pools, we care for ecological principles and infrastructural requirements of public areas, hotels and private residences.

Fulfilling recreation and leisure requirements for every generation is a significant factor in our considerations and planning. Sustainability is a primary focus.

As a customer of Berndorf Baderbau, you will profit from the extensive dedication and sense of responsibility of our employees.

We are your partner to specifically design fascinating and attractive water works for your individual needs and we endeavour to realise them through a concept which is both economical and customised.


Working Together

It is our aim to fulfil every need that our customers have for every single design wish.

Berndorf Baederbau works closely with architects, landscape architects, interior designers and project managers to create luxury stainless steel pools and leisure spaces that are skillfully crafted and designed to perfection.

From initial design to manufacturing through to final installation and commissioning, Berndorf Baederbau is committed to delivering beautiful, bespoke designer stainless steel swimming pools on time and in budget.